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Property needs protection. Ranger Guard teams are available to handle every aspect of your property’s external maintenance needs. Proper maintenance improves safety, decreasing the risk of dangerous road surfaces, unclear road markings, damaged buildings, or havens for harmful bacteria.

A clean presentable exterior lets customers, staff, and members of the public know that you take pride in your property.

Ranger Guard Property services offer the following to residential and commercial properties across Houston.


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Clearly painted lines manage traffic flow and parking issues. Roads need regular painting updates to ensure all users can clearly see and understand any road markings. When people understand how they are expected to use their vehicles the risk of an accident is significantly reduced.

Ranger Guard will paint exactly what you need clearly, accurately and brightly on the road.

Ranger Property Services - Houston Parking Lot Striping | Services

Pressure Washing

Bacteria thrive in dirt. Unclean surfaces can rapidly become unsanitary and a thriving home for weeds and bacteria. This can lead to insect infestations, mold, bacteria or algae problems that can be dangerous for health. Plants, even small ones, growing in walls or pavements can damage or erode the structure. Dirty surfaces are also unsightly and can negatively impact your public perception or even property values.

Ranger Guard uses powerful pressure washers to keep your property thoroughly clean.

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A protective layer prevents damage to surfaces and significantly lowers maintenance costs. Without it roads can erode or even develop cracks or potholes. Cracks and potholes can make it more likely for cars to lose grip or suffer wheel damage and tire blowouts. Such damage can be prevented with adequate coating, which will lower maintenance costs and significantly increase road user safety.

Ranger Guard will coat asphalt with powerful sealant to prevent wear and tear.

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Road surfaces take a lot of beating. Repeated use, UV radiation from the sun, chemical, oil, and petrol spills, car wrecks and more cause regular damage to concrete and asphalt surfaces. Routine repairs are essential to keep road users safe, which sometimes means a fresh coat of asphalt.

Ranger Guard will lay down asphalt to create a durable and attractive road surface that will last for decades.

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All Ranger Guard property services are carried out by our highly trained and experienced technicians. We provide all the necessary equipment, all you have to do is tell us where and when.

Contact Ranger Guard today to book.

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